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>howl on!< | Poem


>howl on!<

if we only have heart for winning the race
and not the race for the race
are we half living?
if the heart thrills at the mere run
has not this one already won?
competition was hunger's invention
tis indeed a fine fine time
meeting one beyond the dripping bloody sacrifice
of a babe yet unborn
baby Jesus on a crucifix how weird is that?
the crux of Mary's vision
how cruel to place on any mother

a 7 year old boy says he is against our Govenor Johnson
having a discussion on the possibility of legalizing drugs
public grade schools especially make good robots
New Mexico was the first state to allow medicinal use of marijuana
a poverty state
our children are tempted to sell drugs for food
les misarables
so much evil and wickedness and blood letting in illegal drugs
what's a grandmother to do but run the race the best she can think of


- Abuela Musica
11 December 1999

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