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The Hurricane

A freezing rain  your force 
upon me, a dark cruel wind 
blowing everywhere at once. 
My mind frightened, quivering,
not wanting to believe, searching 
for a safe place to hide as  body 
breaks into fragments
no longer part of me.

What did I do or say? 
Something rank hides
behind the beautiful mask 
of your face, your heaving, 
muscled chest, your breath
smelling of mountain meadows 
and stream.
Despite the sparkle 
in those deep, blue eyes, 
no sky fathered you, 
up from muck
and the putrid, 
seething abyss of hell
you came to climb.

Take what you came for
I will not give it freely,
the shivering you feel in me 
is not from  fear, I am forever changed 
by hate. Wherever I go, 
whomever I lay against, 
my fury in anger will search
you out in them.

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