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The white-wool knit jacket
With decorative pin,
Which my grandpa and grandma sent me from Kovel
When I was two,
And was sent to the communal store-room
And I never wore, not even once.
Good God
Grandmother and grandfather were murdered there
A whole Jewry destroyed,
And I search throughout all my life for
A white-wool knit jacket
Which my grandma knit for me and decorated
With decorative pin,
And went to the post office and sent it
In a package which my grandpa had packed lovingly
A small white hand-knitted jacket
Of a little girl of two.
All my life I search
And can not find it.

- Yehudith Kafri

the translator note: Kovel is a small town in Poland, all its Jews were killed in the Holocaust.
translated from Hebrew by Lami.
(c) All Rights Reserved.

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