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Why Did Japan Attack Us | Poem

What did Pat Buchanan miss when he wrote, "Why Did Japan Attack Us"

published 12/11/01, when he said, "Were they insane? No, the Japanese were desperate."

by Jodey Bateman

One of the factors Buchanan does not mention is Nazi Germany. If Japan
had not
made an alliance with Germany in 1936, there probably would not
have been a Japanese attack on China in 1937.

For that matter, without this alliance with Germany, Japan would not have
attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. While Japan had only a tenth of American industrial production, Germany's industrial power was added to Japan's.
By the time of Pearl Harbor, German troops had already over run most of Europe and Britain was in an isolated position, dependent on American aid.

As soon as Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Germany, as part of its alliance
Japan, declared war on the USA.

Pat Buchanan is the political heir of the forces who believed before World
War II
that it would be more desirable to have Nazi Germany defeat the
Soviet Union,
also Japan take over China than to have increased Communist power in Europe and China.

On the other hand, most of the people demonstrating against the war in
are the political heirs of the people who picketed American ships full
of scrap
iron that was being shipped to Japan, because it was being used
to slaughter Chinese, before Roosevelt banned the scrap iron shipments
in 1940.

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