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Poetry offerings from John Crow-Bigler


Frozen in time 
seeing through the eyes 
speaking the words 
of yesterdays thoughts 
we circle life as a 
buzzard around a carcass 

Primal times 
joys and sorrows 
primal screams 
sent out on waves 
of unacknowledged 
pent-up potential 

Transitions, changes 
time of ups, downs 
and great uncertainties 
cascading memories 
overrunning consciousness 
dreams burst into wakefulness 
weÂ’re not who we think we are 
nor who we were 

Reach for the sky of 
unrealized probability elusive 
to the grasp of limited 
understanding mired on the 
brink of awakening to 
potentials both long forgotten 
and as yet unknown 

Thoughts stripped to 
bare-bone haiku 
ripple edge of consciousness 
truth dawns in a blink 
has no words 
offers no excuses 

   © John-Crow Bigler

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