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     in the county of Grant in New Mexico

     lives a centennial rock

     The Kneeling Nun

     high above an open mine pit

     an ecologist from the east, kicking the mine's

     'protective' fence in frustration cries,

     "they've dug a damn grand canyon in Mother Earth"

     the legend is she fell in love

     with a soldier whose wounded body she healed

     zealous/jealous male God turns her to stone

     in town a middle aged lady waltzes around

     mid-day in a long satin gown

     while another, known as the 'scribbler'

     absently tosses paper after paper

     over her shoulder when filled

     then scurries down the sidewalk

     responsible parties promise

     the Kneeling Nun will not perish

     as they blast and blast away

     but the townsfolk already know

     'they' have chained her in her place

     her back to the pit, she faces

     a hard rock rising straight up to the sky

     waiting for her God to strike the letters

     of her forgiveness

- Summer Music

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