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Poetry Offerings From Kumail Abbas Khwaja | Poem







The dark clouds gazed out from the sky, 
The cattle was  beginning to die, 
The river was overflowing, 
The crops in the world had stopped growing, 
T'was the day the sun stopped shining. 

The trees were  falling, 
With  a shout of Timber, 
Pollution suffocated the sky, 
The clouds were turning  green with anger, 
No-one heard Mother Nature cry, 
T'was the day the sun stopped shining. 

The ozone had broken into two, 
The X-rays and gammas burning bright, 
Nobody could understand  the truth, 
But I knew the world was Going to end that night. 
T' was the day the sun  stopped shining. 

Thus came the earthquakes of the land, 
Burying creatures in the sand. 
The Volcano erupted with one last mighty breath, 
Spewing lava until the death, 
Of this wrecked and wicked world. 
T'was the day the sun  stopped shining. 

Carbon  Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide, 
Made people breathe their last, 
People in hospitals, clinics and doctors, 
Deaths happened by the second and increased fast. 
T'was the day the sun stopped shining. 

Beaches were flooded with rubbish and waste, 
Yellow sand turned black, 
And the people rushed with haste, 
To go out and never come back. 
T'was the day the sun stopped shinning. 

The icebergs melted at a ghastly rate, 
And the water flooded  the state, 
The ice cold water began to burn, 
With what we called the greenhouse effect, 
The food was no more, our stomachs churned. 
T'was the day the sun stopped shining. 

Thus this was the result of man, 
How he ruthlessly ruled the earth, 
Pollution and wars took away his plans, 
And Banished him from the planet. 
And this was the day that the sun stopped shining. 


I am what? I do not know, 
The member of a race, 
Which doesn't show, 
Mercy to its own kind, 
To the people of the same mind. 

Of all the creatures I have seen, 
None could be so mean, 
Such a creature as him. 
Such a creature as man! 

Man tyrants over life, 
Man tyrants over man 
When he comes around, 
No creature is safe from his deadly hand. 

I live as him that's why I know, 
That man will wipe himself out 
Oh so terribly that the lands will show, 
The lines of misery on their face, 
The sands will damn our un-merciful race. 

When people say "AS WILD AS A DOG" 
They are cursing themselves, 
Because underneath that fog, 
Of intelligence and humanish behaviour, 
There lies a soul worse than any dog, 
And who makes that wonderful soul which the Lord has given us 
So bad. 
So mad. 
It is himself. It is man. 
Muhammad and other prophets tried to teach, 
A simple lesson within reach, 
But man didn't listen to the teachings of Brotherhood, 
He stumbled on through endless time. 

Time all things devours, 
Birds, MAN, trees and flowers 
Slays kings and ruins towns, 
And crushes Mountains down. 
Man doesn't care for if he would, 
He would behave in a way he should. 

The Last day is coming!!! 
The day of recompense, 
When man will be punished. 
I hope he gains some sense, 
Of the sins 
The senseless murders, 
Senseless wars or may the lord be with him. 
May the lord be with MAN! 

Short Bio
I  am a 12 year old student attending Aitchison College in Lahore, Pakistan. My hobbies are writing poetry and stories, reading books and riding.
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