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"How solitary sits the city which was once full of people..."
(Book of Lamentations on the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC)

picture of old Jerusalem


paradise and hell have always been here on earth
humans creating and destroying
creating God and Goddess love of which there is none
without human compassion
o Jerusalem
eons of bloody sacrifice by human hands
destroying innocence of children with self righteousness

now, 2,587 years later
with nothing learned and nothing changed
I would pray for a Divine Bulldozer
to scoop the granite bricks and religious icons into a giant ring
to circle one gigantic pit and I would pray
the rains will come and stay
until there is water enough to cleanse this unholy land

a lake of divine intervention
gentle waves lapping children's feet

but I can only add my Lamentations to what is already written
even if I prayed and a Divine Bulldozer intervened
nothing would change
without humans learning compassion.

- Thomas Henry

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