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I. slumbering
                    stumbled on
                    by prospectors
                    and children lost in laughter
                    and those that come later
                    to set up house

                    lights and wiring
                    folding chairs
                    a change of clothes
                    and food
                    theories of space and energy usage

     seated with pads and pencils to
     draw the drawings
     shovels and dentist tools to
     pick the bones and
     turn over the shards

     "it looks like they worshipped their dead"

     the only quote to make the paper
     buried in section d

II.  at least goldilocks slept
     and the bears returned
     in triumph
     secrets are gored here for a price
     with chisels
     bleeding woolly mammoths dry

     we will know more
     about ourselves
                    they tell us
     from this paleolithic hole
     of what we have come to be
     and how it all happened
     we will know more about
     the hunt
     by studying pictures of the hunt
     more about the nature of a hand
     by re-drawing a drawing of a hand
     more about how spears fly
     by watching them pierce the chest

     visions from long ago
     to the minds
     of new shamans
     who tell us
     through drops of time
     that there is nothing more
     than night
     in the setting sun

- Livo Farallo