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Without Malice | Poem

Without Malice

are you laughing yet why not?
If I’m a careless caustic callous cad
you should be laughing or pitying me
so why anger?
Anger at me or you?
Because my brain doesn’t work the same as yours?
Words are just words

we are not talking about word crafting
that is something else…
Are we talking about friends?
No I guess not.
Bottom lines is 
that place where we risk everything important to us
if we cross it…
…and if we cross it we are not the friend we thought
Then what?
Is it easier to forgive an enemy than a friend?
It is a disappointment to learn a friend
really does not know who we are yet
who really knows themselves?
We look to mirrors for reflection
as well as try to learn to use our own
without malice.


- Abuela Musica
1 May 2000

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