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to Mad     to Moongate

Who Spiked the Marijuana 
What deviltry comes into play? 
What evil poisons spread? 
This grass I smoke… 
now sick with drugs 
which linger in me head. 
The pungent smoke I know from youth 
Intoxicating yes 
but free from hardened chemicals 
that make my mind a mess. 
What happened to the hemp I knew? 
What happened to that weed? 
That simple plant… 
no longer pure. 
Who perpetrates this deed? 
Who dared corrupt the cannabis? 
Who played this trick on me? 
My government, 
mad scientists, 
or commies 'cross the sea? 
Deprived of mother nature's gift 
through dark conspiracy 
Reluctantly I have to choose 
this damned sobriety.
Copyright © 2000 MadGerman