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The Mechanics of It 

I believe in children, the only theology 
in which I can place my faith, for I 

believe in them as a purpose for this 
odd existence we are all compelled 

to live; since it is unclear to me what 
is expected of these bones I cart around 

daily, except that I'm supposed to propel 
the next generation forward and nurture 

them to the point where they are strong 
enough to propel a generation of their own. 

I have no proof of this purpose, other than 
my observation how only the worse of us 

has no interest in propelling children; and, 
there appears to be some sound scientific 

evidence that nearly all human beings 
have seriously considered propagation, 

or at least endorsed the mechanics of it. 

Artist's note: 
Describing the Jewish settlers of Israel in 1945, Rich Cohen wrote in "The Avengers" that, "By having children, they believed they were undoing the work of the Germans." 

to Ward  /  to Moongate  /  photo by Edy Lou Benjamin