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Miguel de Asén in Spanish and English

Montañas de papeles abruman la vista,
legañas sin oropeles consuman al artista.
Cuadernos desordenados entre ropas tiradas,
inviernos gastados entre copas animadas.
Dos despertadores por si uno no funciona,
sed de amores, yo importuno la zona.
Dos mesitas y una se pliega,
si me imitas es que estas ciega.
Una cama pequeña bastante usada,
mi dama, mi dueña, mi amante callada.
Un armario empotrado, una estanteria,
soy corsario honrado o lo sería.
Un mueble tipo barco con cajón y estantes,
endeble marco para un corazón de los de antes.
Retrato, abstracto, mariposas y arañas,
gran olfato, poco tacto, sin esposas voy de cañas.
Fotos en el maletero, cajoneras en la cama,
con las motos fui fiero, si no me esperas llama.

to Miguel   ~  to Moongate

   Heaps of paper overwhelm the sight
   Dreamless naps consume the artist
   Notebooks scattered among cast-off clothes
   Winters wasted among lively cups of wine
   Two alarm clocks by themselves - one is not working
   Thirst for love, I beg for some space
   Two little tbles, one of them folds up
   If you imitate me, it's because you are blind
   A small bed that has been used enough
   My lady, my guardian, my silent lover
   A wardrobe on a stand, a bookcase
   I'm an honest pirate or I wish I was one
   A boat-like piece of furniture with a drawer and shelves
   A flimsy frame for a heart from the people of the past
   An abstract portrait, butterflies and spiders
   Able to sense much by smell but not able to touch much
   Without a wife I go drinking
   Photos in the briefcase, suitcases on the bed
   I went fiercely on my motorcycle
   If you don't wait for me phone me.