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mispokes | Poem


Dick Armitage

Response to the world crying for a smoking gun, "There is nothing but smoke!"

 "it's like a bad movie"

like a trigger-happy cowboy lusting high noon
caught in the greediest, oiliest
potentially bloodiest lie creating these times
smoke is smoke the gig is up
fire your screen writers and be a hero
be the first President to step down without
more killing, you are right
this is a bad movie and there you stand
with the power to change the ending
to good and give WE, THE PEOPLE
back our power
let us all together in a very deep personal way
wage peace 


Robert Baer, author of
"See No Evil"


Ramsey Clark
"Impeach President Bush"
At the Peace Rally in D.C.
19 January 2003
(click on Ramsey's face for link
to vote to impeach)

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