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A Mortal Body is Needed 

 The kiss of mortality, 
 it is what was bestowed 
 by your soul, as it sent 
 you forth into the breathing. 

 It is the one thing that most 
 fascinates those who are 
 immortal, this idea of abrupt 
 ending, the step beyond 

 a mundane life ever after. 
 And this soul you feel . . . 
 is not entirely your own soul, 
 in that you share it with 

 the better part of yourself, 
 the immortal part, and your 
 frail body -- only an odd 
 experiment so your soul can 

 know again what it means to die. 
 And for this knowledge a mortal 
 body is needed, to complete this 
 immortal fascination with death. 

- Ward Kelley

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photo by Edy Lou Benjamin