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Mountaintops and Madmen | Poem


Mountaintops and Madmen
 Demented screams on stagnant wind 
 Distant in their sound 
 Relentless though with strength enough to make me turn around 
 Magnetic curiosity entices me to hear 
 Tempts me onward through the plains 
 Stronger as I near 
 I see you then in fading light beneath the thunderclouds 
 Atop the hill 
 Beneath your feet, the ever hopeful crowd 
 Against a dark, corrupted sky which hides your early sins 
 Till lightning strikes behind your back and shows your origins 

 Revealed in a flash of light 
 Seeds from which you grew 
 Your face unseen but not the souls of those who spoke like you 
 Your predecessors in a row that leads through history 
 Lurking there behind your back 
 Watching quietly 
 Your echoes of utopia once rolled off Lenin’s tongue 
 Once led astray 
 Once dashed the hopes of hearts and minds too young 
 He listens as you mix your words into their hopeful dreams 
 Remembering nostalgically how cheers can turn to screams 

 The German devil watches too 
 Prideful with the truth 
 Beholding rabid gestures that you copied from his youth 
 Your dark, psychotic silhouette revives his evil ghost 
 Tempts him deep into your heart 
 Searching for a host 
 From Stalin to Caligula they all align as one 
 Behind your back 
 Behind your words in silent unison 
 From shadows cast by promises they know you’ll never keep 
 They watch that hopeful crowd become your flock of trusting 

 You madman on the mountaintop 
 Screaming for your crown 
 Repeating all the promises of those who’ve pulled us down 
 I’ll scream above your worthless words and lead your sheep 
 Through your growing storm of lies 
 Past their darkest day 
 They’ll listen to me in the sun and nod agreeably 
 Complacent now 
 Believing now that I have set them free 
 In time I’ll rearrange your words and climb a mountaintop 
 Lest masses learn to rule themselves and make us madmen stop 

© MadGerman

                                                                                      background by David Jackson
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