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13 October 1999

The Shoeless Politician

  If politicians lost their shoes
  Their thousand dollar suits
  Replaced their prima donna skins with jeans and dirty boots
  If those who ruled nations came to dress like those they ruled
  The aura round their kind would dim
  We wouldn't be so fooled

  If next they lost their trusted aids
  The handlers of their word
  Linguistic chemists stirring lies with truths till both are blurred
  If those who lied to millions came to speak like you and me
  We'd shake our heads and turn away
  How lonely they would be

  If bodyguards would disappear
  Then so might arrogance
  They'd look into the growing crowds and think of malcontents
  If those who led protected lives would lose their hired gun
  They'd walk among us cautiously
  Perhaps they'd even run

  If all the ink I've wasted here
  If all I write comes true
  Then how would rulers be discerned from those like me and you
  If politicians loose these things but keep their character
  You'd find them on their way to jail
  With me as their chauffeur

© MadGerman 

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