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16 October 1999

The All Knowing Wall

Silent as the hills
Tall as the trees
The wall stands quietly

It casts no shadow
It is merely there
White on white
It stands there

Some say
He hears all things
Some say
He knows all things

Does it hear me?
Does it see me?
Does it know my mother
Standing here before me?

Will it hear me
Talking with my mother
Will it understand me?
As I put my argument before me

It stands there
He may hear all I say
He may hear all I do
Does it think about what it knows

It will see me and her
She comforting me
Me compfoting her
It will see tears fall
Shatter like lives lost to the wind

But will it feel remorse
Or pain

He will simply stand there
'Til the end of time
Maybe knowing all things
But never really knowing
That it knows all these things
Not envisioning lives long past
Or voices once heard

Never shedding tears
Never feeling hate
Or anger
Or love

It will simply stand there

Standing there forever
'Til time washes away

- Krishna M. Roskin

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