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A 1 logo   A poem a day into the millennium
2 October 1999


There is a source, yet it has no beginning.
There is the painful illusion of its absence,
only its presence is real.
It cannot be possessed
It can only be received, by freely giving of it, without exception.
It flows from a depth beyond which we know as our own.
It requires our conscious participation, our open hearts and our souls,
to make its presence known.
It has tremendous power to transform and it will always find its way.
It is the most powerful force in the Universe.
It eternally creates of itself and it never dies.
The circumstances through which it appears, die to the past.
It lives in the moment and beyond our conceptions of time and space.
It is infinitely creative and ever expands of itself, saturating all it can touch.
It is far greater than any one of us yet resides within us all.

It lies deep within me and within you.
It is within all that lives with no exceptions.
There is nothing unworthy.
It is everywhere, waiting with infinite patience to be discovered.
It has its own language and speaks through our hearts.
It is known by many names, yet it is always the same.
It is pure.
It gives without taking.
It is a gift. It is yours, it is mine.
It is love.
Our task lies in finding it deep within ourselves.
When we honor what we know in our hearts, we are in harmony with all life.
In so doing, we bring Heaven to Earth.

- Rebecca Duncan

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