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A 1 logo  A poem a day into the millennium
30 October 1999


The first note of exile: a plain chord ruminative
Through the ears of the displaced; a reiterative cry
"To be away!" and "Not to be concerned" with
The geographical limits: coterminous borders mapped
By an existing threnoedy
Before the thoughtful played out its faithful end.

The second note to be played in Europe and America
Would be different without having been judged upon.
Qualities of detachment and solitude,
Found but never sought after is omni-present,
Draining the atmosphere of all emotive presences.

Perhaps the third note should be recorded.
Heard incoherently amidst the din of "lost causes",
"mind in extremis", and a hopeless victory of
"No return!",
Its clarity dissipated into the stomping cadence
Of hordes of self-possessed literati.

The fourth note has yet to be composed.

- Melvin Yeo

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