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A 1 logo   A poem a day into the millennium
4 October 1999

My Love Is A Sunday Morning Special

born in last night's shooting star
       close your left eye
       now your right
know the feeling side of life
into the heart flows everything
a caldron opening valves, closing
a universe in realignment
emerging cleansing
letting go the visual of the vehicle
letting go of pushing personal ideals
lost freedom found in shooting star
i think Venus likes her nick-name
       Lucy in the Sky
Really! she was watching
       Sag climb of his horse
a female bull given stance?
a thursday morning feeling sunday
canine straight forward
"just stop doing that!"
waxing hubris i look within
all us women want to be 
       Earth  mothers
and truly all men
       Sky fathers

- Abuela Musica

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