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Shadows on America 
Locusts overhead 
Their rising cloud forbids the sun with darkness in it's stead 
I see them rise from Washington as vengeance for our sins 
To taunt us with our need for rule 
Election year begins 

Plagues upon America 
Promises they give 
Mirages of utopias in which we all could live 
Infections touch my mind again through lies I've heard before 
Refined since last they touched my ears 
to tempt me even more 

Madness in America 
Crowds begin to scream 
Deluded masses spread their words till millions start to dream 
This sea of mass insanity in which I always drown 
Resistance weakens in my soul 
They slowly pull me down 

Stillness in America 
Election year complete 
The politician gloats again with millions at his feet 
I watch them now in bitterness and pray for strength within 
When plagues return and madness reigns 
When locusts fly again 

© MadGerman

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