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Poetry Offerings From Preston Holston | Poem


Poetry Offerings From Preston Holston

A Snail Yells weeeeeee While Riding On A Turtle's Back 

  a snail yells weeeeeee while riding on a turtle's back 
  and a fish out of water st  umb      on to a universe 
  (in between we have; coffee and cigarettes and tax returns and scabby knees and 
  magazines and wristwatches and Love and papercuts and babyshowers) 

  life dances on a sunray 
  pleasantly balanced on a beesting 

Maybe The World Needs More Neon Fish Maneuvering At Break

 Maybe the world needs more neon fish maneuvering at break- 
 fin speed flipping off turquoise pigeons (because they won't learn 
 the fucking city!) Or maybe just a few more dodgeball games with 
 dizzied geese (who never had to wonder what the pond was like) 
 ducking for all they're worth... 

 Maybe the world needs more slip'n'slides 
 and fewer walkways then sidewalk cafes could go underground and 
 the patrons could speak only of covert operations (because every 
 operation is covert in a vicarious but suburban sense) 
 centered around the prospect of an ozone layer rumored to be 
 rebuilding by the ever nonchalants (because its just better that way.)

Yes, U 2 Will Get To C or Enjoy the 'Wonders' of, Geen Replication

  yes, u 2 will get to c or enjoy the 'wonders' of, geen replication 
  yes You two will get too se or enjoy the 'wonders' of Jean replication 
  Yes you to Will get too see or enjoy the " Wonders " of gene replivation 
  Yes you too will get to see or enjooy the 'wonders' of gene replication 
  Yes you too will get to see ornd enjoy the Wonders. Of gene replication 
  Yes you too will get to see and enjoy the wonders of gene replication.

short bio... 

       I am a twenty one year old student/writer or writer/student depending on the quality of my writing on the day one poses the question to me. I think that the world is unfair for vegetarians and left handed people. I also believe that the most telling thing about a person's level of self confidence is how they respond to long silences.  I live in South Carolina. 

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