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Proper-thought | Poem



I turn my desperate eyes to you, 
into your shining light. 
Through clouded skies I pray to you. 
Redeemer of my plight. 
To you who's laws make evils right 
who feed the hungry crowd, 
I pray to you, 
my congressman, 
that grace may be allowed. 

I beg my wicked tongue be cleansed 
of blasphemes in my past. 
That evil thoughts possessing me 
forever be outcast. 
I give to you my faulty mind, 
corrupt with sins incurred. 
I pray to you, 
my president, 
reshape it in your word. 

I pledge undying faith in you. 
My heart and soul now yours. 
Rebellious thoughts forever locked 
behind forgotten doors. 
My former self now dead and gone, 
decayed to evil dust. 
For proper-thought, 
I give my thanks. 
In government I trust.

First Shame 

My trust in you, 
I cannot not give. 
I dare not take the chance 
My prudence leads me far away, 
to cautious, distant stance. 
Away from shadows cast by you. 
Where truths shine down on me, 
that I may see 
with clarity 
my government anew. 

Each human fault, 
each selfish thought 
which cursed out blessed earth. 
Each twisted demon in our souls 
helped seed your evil birth. 
Created through collective sins 
with powers undisguised 
but damned by origins. 

My government 
I see your heart, 
the secrets of your soul. 
Contrived from moral laziness 
by fools who sought control. 
The spark which drives your ancient life 
comes from an evil past. 
You've been miscast, 
you cannot last 
as answer to our strife. 

My trust in you. 
How dare you think 
that I'd be such the fool? 
That I'd not plot against the faults 
which justify your rule. 
For even as I curse your name, 
I've grown enough to see, 
you came from me, 
you'll always be 
my first and greatest shame. 

Copyright © 2000 MadGerman

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