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The RhymeSoulSista | Poem

The Rhyme Soul Sista

She stands tall and strong and with curves 
of strength beauty body magnificence 

overshadowing the happenings on street corners— 

and her eyes her eyes her eyes 
meet the assessing gaze of the pimp 
who in guilt epiphany turns to salt 
for his lack of togetherness respect rhyme 

but it’s not about vengeance for the RyhmeSoulSista 

No not at all... 

And the tear of perfect blue Jazz that slides down her cheek 
is shed in awareness and solidarity with the salt brotha 
who’s salt eyes of bitterness also shed a tear 
which rejuvenates his RhymeSoul 
and his body becomes flesh once more 

bitter no longer on the mean streets 
of heaven’s ambiguous silence— 

What’s that you say? 
RyhmeSoulSista helped pimp reach enlightenment? 

RyhmeSoulSista knows that retribution occurs in the soul— 

through searching & longing 
and singing & sobbing 
and nodding in recognition that 
the prodding of PoliceViolentEnforcer 
with big stick racial profiling manifesto 
who’s father, PoliceViolentEnforcerSr. 
let loose attack dogs and brutal fire hydrant spray 
on perfect black cherubs on Jim Crow streets 
who’s grandfather passed down technique knowledge 
of a hangin of a lynchin of a whippin of a tar & feather dippin 
who’s great grandfather schooled him in the ways 
of ensuring that slave hell prison rape ship 
was filled to capacity with the black savages--- 

Who were savages because they didn’t wear stockings 
Who were savages because they didn’t ride in carriages 
Who were savages because they didn’t lead ‘lives of quiet desperation’ 

but rather were always out there living & breathing & loving & doing in the 
in passion that pre-dates the ancient Greeks 
and is rooted in concrete organic understanding of the world 
which originated in the womb of the human race 
the dark skinned mother of rhyme 
the dark skinned mother of soul 
her tongue lapped by the Nile 
her hair washed in Euphrates--- 

There the Rhyme of the RhymeSoulSista emerges 
There the Soul of the RhymeSoulSista manifests--- 

and sings for the end of cruelty 
and celebration of rhythm mind expression 

all brutality all anger all suffering all hate 
all sadness all despair all disillusionment – 

all confronted through the poetry & song 
of the RhymeSoulSista— 

be ecstatic in your wisdom’s expression RhymeSoulSista! 

- Jonathan Witherspoon Huey

to Jonathan   /   to Moongate

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