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Philosopher:   "I find the best way to gather no moss is to examine 
                            the stones very carefully, making sure the stream 
                            runs quickly around them."

Chorus:            "The grave shall always get its due
                           it crouches underground;
                           you see the shadows thicken fast
                           but evening makes no sound."

Philosopher:   "I eat my meals in silence, and the only sound I hear
                            is the clink of ice in the glass. It looks like a 
                            granite stone."

Chorus:           "The daylight tracks you everywhere,
                          through cracked and battered floors;
                          you waver eastward, waver west,
                          but cannot find a door."

Philosopher:   "I'm looking at the moon tonight because all the lights 
                            have gone out. Tomorrow I'll see if the sun still 

Chorus:           "The skeletons crowd 'round your home,
                         they line up two-by-two;
                          you've given them a bone to munch,
                          but now they're after you."

Philosopher:   "I know why solipsism is the crux of the human 
                            problem. It gets one out of the running stream, and 
                            away from the granite stones."

Chorus:          "Mirrors have their secret ways,
                          the past reflects tomorrow;
                          you slide somewhere between the days
                          abandoned to your sorrow ."

Philosopher:   "I have finally discovered the secret of life: it lies in 

Chorus:           "Lives may come, and lives may go,
                          when gazing at the moon;
                          who knows where a life may flow 
                          while bones watch from the gloom."

Philosopher:   "Something's wrong. How did I get into this vault?
                             No matter. I will arrive at a state tomorrow where 
                             the creatures can't find me. Then I can dream."

- Paul Kesler

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