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a friend cried for me to keep you on a chain
but i could not i know your lust for life
running free and wild as nature made you
who has ever seen a chained dog happy?

Rascal and Saddie, your friends next door, miss you too
i hear them talking in the night, is it to you?
we know dogs see more, hear more, feel more
than humans with senses so diminished in the frenzy

ten days on death row and now the wait is over
they have their blood sacrifice of the day
our neighborhood is quieter now the child who taunted you
rides with his mother rather than walk past his half-lie

when my temporal time is spent and in the land of no time
we will swim together in fresh mountain streams
joy with rainbow trout sparkling, flashing, splashing
in the land of no fences, no chains, no violence

meanwhile back on earth
will two legged mammals ever understand
what they do to others, and other mammals, they do to themselves
"yepper, they're still creating gods,
e.g. money and greed"

even when there is no hope, hope is all there is

Summer Breeze

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