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A Poem a Day to Millennium 15 September 1999


the wind comes in ahead of them
two buzzards tiny
when they come in view
as grains in an hourglass falling through
they build across the distance yet to be
two kites let off their tethers
they have found their way to me
and circling make assessment of my fate
like faces in still water
they will vanish if I move my hand

deep in the cordite fog were voices singing
the insect ringing in between my ears
one shout - the strings all broke away
my puppet fallen down I lay
new paralyzed in dream

let my bones all glow in starlight
let them bleach to posphorus white by day
then raise a gentle light to greet the moon
like one thing lifting off the other
I will give back all my treasures and be free

- Robert Erman

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