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Affirmation | Poem

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A Poem a Day to Millennium 18 September 1999


   For it's all in what a child sees
   the trick so cold alone
   with seasons gone he won't be long
   his heart just turned to stone
   turned the stone.
                    The times they've spanned a million tears
                    a guest...a chair his home
                    no reasons heal the pain he feels
                    for the things he must atone
                    turn the stone.
   Yet he walks on through the dimmer part
   of his anxious moon of hearts
   dancing in dew light
   as he spins his frozen cares to the start
   turn the stone.
                    He will search for what is written
                    the Book...this too shall pass
                    forgetting that it's over
                    nothing always lasts
                    turn the stone.
   So what's it going to take dear one
   to see the light from the side you're on
   must he die to prove it is art or life
   buried by the lie
   turn the stone.
                    Break free just let it be
                    no words within disguise
                    blind not free afraid to be
                    alone with all that ever was...arise
                    turn the stone.
   Love is lost that has no home
   no reason to be
   no room for hopes and prayers asked
   till love is what we seek
   turn the stone.
   turn the stone.

   - Craig J. Holme

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