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Poetry oofferings from Bill MItsuru Shimizu | Poem

 Poetry offering from
Bill Mitsuru Shimizu
Rest In Peace

Nuclear Winter

Divine Wind

short bio


Rest In Peace

Craning my neck
looking into the horizon,
A flock of white geese
flying in a V-formation.

Covering my eyes
against the glaring sun,
shielding myself
in the afterglow.

Deep feelings
have varied emotions,
ringing true
defying reasons.

came unexpectedly,
plunging the soul
into the deep
abyss of darkness.

came to
the one
who sought it…

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Nuclear Winter

   I am standing under the evening sun,
   its iced heat cooling my burned soul. .
   Quickly, the zinnias and marigold wrinkled in despair,
   fading into oblivion. Our shadows lasted a lifetime
   of insanity- the petals dropped, my chocolate skin  sagged.
   The acid rain finally fell from the great beyond…
   Standing at the dusty crossroads, time stood still for a moment…
   Reaching for my folded- faded umbrellas;
   I tried to ward off the heartless attack from above.
   Alas, boldness as it may be, useless in reality.
   My golden tan and all, dreams of eternal
   salvation came to a tragic end…

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Divine Wind

Chariots of fire
Racing against the tide
Blowing in the wind
Rushing into the fire
Struck by lightning
Roaring like thunder
Defying the gods of the sea and sky.
Goaded by the blazing sun.
Restless spirits
Wandering souls
Warriors of the past
Too young to die
For a cause that
We will never fully

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short bio: Bill Mitsuru Shimizu is thirty-two years old, of Japanese-Filipino ancestry from Tiwi, Albay, Philippines and a medical intern. He is on an extended sabbatical from his studies and writes poetry as a form of therapy for his restless and tired soul. He considers himself a poet of heart.
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