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in egos we disgust,
in vanity we wade and wallow
in sexuality we seek salvation,
in pride we passionately persist
unto our final moments...

unto our last years we count
        the recurrence of birthdays
        as if it were a meaningful thing
               - and -
unto our last months we ignore
        the cycles of Nature,
        the motion of planets,
        and all the wonders solitude may bring
               - and -
unto our last days we slavishly harvest
        meaningless account numbers,
        jewelry, and worthless paper things
               - and -
unto our last hours we seek our reflection
        in windows, mirrors, actors, clones,
        and children primed for self-destruction
               - and -
unto our last breaths we deny
        quick mortality and pray
        for a RamboGod to somehow rescue
a soul lost so long ago

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