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i'm playing music for Jay tonight

swaying to the rhythm

joint hangin' off to the left

smilin' to the right

i celebrate your life

your honor and your



even in hell

San Quentin has a history

of executing saints

i never met you, friend of a friend

who sings your cell song so well

example always better than words

a thank you

from all of us made richer

may my heart touch yours through his

may this pause in time hold you in tender arms

of mother whose son is dying

this childheart near spent

we will all go home

we will all go home

honor is the rose tipped sword

you knew it well

the agony of waiting has been long

the joy

of birth in both worlds

the sorrow of death

is why we thus dance

why Maya's caged bird sings tonight

for Jay.

- Summer Music
8 February 1999

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