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Smoke Screens | Poem


by Kevin McIlvoy

        In order to avoid answering for his own actions President Bush questions
the patriotism and the "loyalty to our soldiers" of anyone who respectfully disagrees
with him; it is one of the many ways he has divided this country he pledged last
election to unite.
        He apparently believes if he threatens voters enough we will ignore
that his arrogant manner of projecting U.S. power has increased our enemies
among terrorists and among peace-loving nations.
        Why has Bush only addressed pressing domestic issues in these past
few weeks instead of the last four years? Shouldn't we all, fiscal conservatives
and moderates and liberals alike, question the $5 trillion national debt (by 2008)
projected by the administration's own budgeting office?
        If we ask whether it is irresponsible to leverage the continued existence
of Social Security and of real health coverage against that national debt, will we
be accused of trying to only cause fear among elderly voters? If we ask whether
it is right to plan on handing down that debt to our grandchildren, will we
continue to be told to pay attention to the war in Iraq and not to our future
        He hopes we can be bullied out of our right to ask why the Bush tax cut
was so tiny for the middle class and the poor and so huge for the wealthy.
If we ask about the effects of the widening gap between the haves and the
have-nots in our own nation, we are told we are only encouraging the
"evildoers" in other nations.
        John Kerry demonstrates the conscience to ask these questions.
We know that indeed takes courage since Bush's pattern is to smear his
political opponents and to discount the common citizens who ask respectful
questions he will not or cannot answer.
editorials  /  Moongate

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