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Is It Spring Yet? | Poem


It Is Spring Yet?

my daffy dills are actin' silly
an' garlic leaps in spurts
morning birdsong twists my heart
in tiny turns

o jake remember springtime
oceans lapping toes
the big hole we dug
creating our very own ocean

oh woe it got soo very big
ebbing and the flowing
the tugging and the playing

where did you go?
can you find me now?
straw in the hair
and needle ran away

though our blue waves crash
may they always find home
may the barking dog answer
another barking dog the

dialogue is ours if we open
the flower even when we pick it
and place it in our lover's hair

or spend hours and hours pickin' out the straw
and throwin' ol' Fritz a bone
runnin' thru the rain --
every time our feet touched Earth
we knew that we touched home.


- Abuela Musica
14 March 2000

image of stork to abuela..... to Moongate image of stork