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Poetry Offerings from Tammy Manor

Mall Grazers

They shop by Cosmo
The frauds that they are
buying this week's nailpolish
and following the flock into Contempo Casuals,
so they can spend $50 on a pair of badly made jeans
Each driving home in their expensive car
to the same house as their neighbor
they pretend to be different
because it's "in" to be different
though difference can not exist
How can they be happy
starving their bodies hollow
trying to seek happiness
grazing the mall
following all
killing what's left
of themselves
they turn into
so called "perfection"


Penn Station at 2 am
(from an experience on Wednesday 7/19)

You'd never guess the time
by the amount of people
men in business suits, girls in club outfits, others in shorts
the registers in the takeout places
hum with business
pizza, ice cream, beer
it's a show of sorts
police officers stand idly by
we stand around
waiting for this train or that one
hundreds of strangers
with one thing in common
the desire to be somewhere
at 2 am

Short autobio:

I am 23 years old and just completed my first year teaching high school English on Long Island.  I am currently getting my MA at Hofstra University.  I've been writing poetry for about 8 years.  My favorite poem is "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot.  I love most poetry.  Some of my favorites are Keats, Blake, Dickinson, Poe, Eliot, Plath, Frost, Keorouc, Ginsberg, and Whitman. 

to Moongate


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