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Tanka Sequence

by R K Singh


1. His message to meet
   at moonrise among flowers 
   sparkles a secret 
   on her smiling face passion
   glows with charming fervour 

2. She is no moon yet
   she drifts like the moon, takes care 
   of him from the  sky--
   meets him for a short, waxing
   leaves him for a long, waning 

3. Before going to bed
   she looks too sad to have 
   any sweet dream:
   the lonely lamp glints no love
   and no star peeks through the curtains 

4. Yearning to meet him
   she turns a silk-worm spinning
   love-silk in cold night--
   stands in a shade melting tears
   like a candle, drop by drop 

5. Stains of dried dewy
   tears on the eyelids tell of
   the load on her mind:
   clothed in spring the willow twigs
   reveal the changed relation

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