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Thanks and Apologies

     I give my thanks reluctantly 
     Apologies come stubbornly 
     But none the less you’ve brought us here, 
     this place of dawning history 
     Acknowledgements to all of you 
     From kings to presidents 
     Who’ve damned us for a thousand years 
                    beneath your governments 

     We owe you our maturity 
     You’ve led us to our sanity 
     Through madness you’ve exemplified 
     we’ve learned from your barbarity 
     For all the wars we fought for you 
     For graveyards overfilled 
     Begrudging thanks for all we learned 
                    from countless millions killed 

     Our wisdom came from watching you 
     Your lies made truths come shining through 
     Reversed examples through the years 
     taught millions things they shouldn’t do 
     Apologies for all I’ve said 
     For curses undeserved 
     I count the lessons learned from you 
                    and see the good you’ve served 

     I’ve looked at you too cynically 
     Listened too suspiciously 
     But in this new millennia 
     I look ahead more hopefully 
     I see beyond your governments 
     Into a brighter day 
     I thank you for the ugliness 
                    that made me turn away 

© 2000 MadGerman

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