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A Quartet of Thought Crimes | Poem


A Quartet of Thought Crimes
Thought Crime I
Who are you in that strange building,
in that capital city
Imposing laws
on we of greater character than your own?
Creating your wars,
while taking our guns.
Are you leaders?
I hadn't known I was lost.
Is it your purpose
to lead me into thinking I need you?
Tell me the truth just once.
Is it I that needs to be led
or you that needs to lead?
Who truly serves the others needs
in this strange relationship?
Maybe you’re just hypocrites
Parasites, I think.
Feeding on the faults of the masses.
Is it your purpose to end those faults,
to improve our sorry lot?
Or maintain them
to justify your sorry existence.

Thought Crime II

You frighten me in that strange building.
Accumulating your powers,
ruling my nation,
governing me from such vast distance
You of such weak discipline,
of such little foresight.
Wielding though the power of kings.
Like children in a parched forest
given fire as a gift
by we fools who thought you more competent.
Are we deserving of your rule?
Having accepted our failings,
having given up on ourselves,
should we now be led by the product of our failures,
by you in that capital city?
Would you encourage such laziness?
Would you be so cynical
as to use that decadence
as the cement for your corrupt position?
Better to evolve I think.
Better to stumble through my own blindness,
than be content in your darkness.

Thought Crime III

I pity you in that strange building.
Lost as you are in your power.
Chasing your own greatness
while trailing the greatness that lives below you.
Are you statesmen?
Men and women of conviction?
Would you hold yourselves accountable,
as those under your rule are held?
Or are you merely politicians?
Accountable only to those hiding in the shadows.
I once thought you were leaders.
Now I think I was misled.
Imagine yourself alone,
without those who lurk behind you.
Freed from puppet masters and their stings.
Could you stand as tall as we do?
Or would you fall,
collapsing into a useless heap,
begging for the return of your master.
Would I be ashamed for once looking up to you?
Would I think it better to be lost,
than led by such puppets?

Thought Crime IV

You’ve grown weak in that strange building.
Useless in that capital city.
Becoming weaker
as those under your rule grow stronger.
Increasing your laws
even as we grow beyond their need.
Did you lead us here?
By humiliating us with our need for rule
did you actually drive our growth?
Tell me before the next government succeeds you,
is this vicious cycle natural?
Is our enmity productive in some strange way?
By stirring your arrogant control
with my stubborn rebellion,
do we ignorantly create an evolutionary concoction?
One that poisons you
but gives new life those beneath you?
Soon I will cheer your passing.
For a time, your successors will seem enlightened.
Stagnating though as we evolve,
degenerating as we grow,
they too will become poisoned.

© 1999  Mad German
to Mad
to Moongate

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