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The Weeping Grows

by David Jackson

The weeping grows
the child lost
the child within lost
fallen like the snow
quietly at night
with the last neon of the day
the last motor sound in the night beckons
follow me
follow me to the silence
to the silence of the lost child within
lost to the last drunk who fails
to the last conquerer who
to the last breath which
follow me to reason
for are we not all at least
the last insanity of course is reason
in an unreasonable
for it is the situation
which beckons without reason
there is no reason in the death of the child
there is no reason in the
we can't blame the shark for eating the seal
and yet we expect our fellow man to
not eat us as he grabs for every bit
of amoeba like food
don't get in his way
don't get in my way
I am you

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