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To Whom It Doth Concern


To whom is it that i write
       to whom and why apparent
              in this late autumn night
To you it is, of course it is
       to you who are mine self
              in this early spring morning
The truth of the you eternal
       was known and felt by Walt
              as the brother and lover of all men
Also known it was to the Brownings
       to Blake, to Auden, to Stevie
              as well as Gibran and Lennon
They sang through the pages
       through the waves, through the ages
              to the self they sang, to their self
If i am successful, it will be myself
       reincarnated, young and hungry
              who will feel these very words
And be touched by a resonance
       that lets him know that these lines
              were written for him, for me, for you.

- Paul Malécot

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