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Executed for September 24th, 1999

excerpt from Willie Sullivan's letter:

     "I hope all is well with you by the time you get this letter. As for me, I'm staying strong.
     "I went to court the 14th and got an execution date for September 24th, 1999.
     "Summer, things are looking pretty bad for me, I'm at the end of the courts.
     "The warden gave me a visit with my mom on my birthday last Saturday. My mom broke down and that really hurt me a lot."
Poem by Willie:


Being a good friend is really an art,
It's a wonderful talent that comes from the heart.

It's knowing the kind things to do and to say,
Like listening and talking a problem away.

It's laughing and sharing and being together,
In bad times and glad times and all kinds of weather.

Yes, being a friend is really an Art.
It's a talent that comes from a kind, loving heart.

Thanks for always being there.
It's really nice to know that I can always

depend on you.

Poem for Willie  and another