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Woodsy Roundabout

On this day I see you my only brother
I love you more than any words can express because
There is only you, and me
Blasting through these autumn woods with golden aspen leaves
Swirling in our wake in the righteous sunbeams.

Forty miles of toil and dust and thunder,
We ride on these monstrous machines,
Treading lightly up the delicate, rocky, forest trail
We open up the throttles as we emerge
Onto a muddy road to nowhere.

You have always been my tool guy,
You understand the spark and the compression and the
Final finess of bolts in ways that elude me,
You are my little brother
But you are my hero.

At the end of the day we ride back like cowboys
Bucked off of bulls over and over,
We drink beer together in my front yard with your wife and
My nephew,
Telling exaggerated stories of our trail.

And now the machines are loaded on the trailer,
Off you go to El Paso,
Once again I have to say goodbye, every time I’ve ever done this
I watch your taillights work their way into the twilight
With unspoken words on the tip of my tongue.