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praise the limit

doctrine of compensation


Headphones Jones

Chip In My Shoulder by Yosh



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praise the limit 

as I count, I think of tears 
as death has intensified, religious fears 
as cheers rang out, althrough the stage 
and jeers caused hurt, by philosophical rage 


I turn one 
and start a new 

can you? 

I ask if tears will open I’s 
to realization, of spiritual highs, 

cause I hear your sighs 
and I know your why’s 


the inner truth for dancing craze 
a welcome forth, through life’s keen maze 

and raise 

the level at which you live 
and know just where your energy gives 

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doctrine of compensation

give me your tired, your weak, your huddled masses 
give me your ear, your cheer, put down your beer 
when love has seemed to have left the heart, there is a way to write it 
and order the disorder a move to part, and this is how I right it 

a gunman walks into an LA Jewish Community Center 
unleashing a spray of violence 
the only way he could feel okay 
twas his dispicable voice from silence 

and somewhere he decided 
to blame everyone but himself 
if only he’d been provided 
with some spiritual help 

and I pray for him 
even though he tried to send a message 
to kill my people 

and I cry as I try to explain why 
and then he turns himself in 
in order ro make a statement to press the issue
and its hard to believe 
that hatred can be achieved if you want it to. . . 

and the power of human mind can be used for so many things 
and yet some focus on the pain of life 
and try to shoot it on to others 
and its still hard to focus on such a terrible act 

in fact 
I can’t begin to believe 
but I do 
and I love him 

because he reminds me the cause 
and I pause 
to lay down the internal rules of which I speak 
and pray to God in fear of hate 
and abmonish the forlorn sun 
to prove to the self to move to one 

and stop the blame 
and start the reign 
of an life that builds upon the self 
as does not mean lack of sin to others 
as there always will be 
and yet its an understanding and hope 
of positive communication 

the most powerful messages seem to be negative 
and creating one to gain a voice 
may be your choice 
but all I can do 
is control my self 

and if I want to change anyone’s beliefs for the good 
it must surely start in the neighborhood 
assisting small leads to assisting large 
hence you start to gain a charge 
and in this learn to see a change 
and the range of where these deeds can grow 
is a solid way to explain what you know... 

and as far as these hate-groups go, 
I am sure we have to show 
these media the reasons, not to respond 
and as they wave their magic technology wand 
they have some control over what they report 
how they report it 
and when they give forum, for those who crime 
what they’re really giving, is a little air time 
to profess this hate 

wait, think it through, 
await, moment of truth 
love, its in I, 

know in fear, that time does fly 
and on this earth, many questions why 
and try 
to do things that move the self 
and humanity to a better place 

faced I am with the sure possibility 
that one man saw hate, as a facility 
and I know, he had so many abilities 
and I wish he had tapped them 
and not saw murder 
as the only way to prove 
his opinion, 
shoulda known right there 
twas a sheltered dominion 

I can’t help but wonder 
if he saw his own blunder 
and forced the negative out 
in the end only showing 
that he had many doubts... 

awaken soul 
I huttle masses 
look as fate 
kicks I asses 

as their building blocks are on the floor 
we improve on what we’ve seen before 
as the I-generation’s at the brink of the door 
of I-story 

and surely U wish to tell 
because there’s only 11 letters between U + I 
and we step on over 
I Just smile, K? 
and U T off and caressssS 
L-ementary Moves Near 
R your Questions in Place? 
and we meet 
I God... 
we’re in the middle... 
and as I meet U there, IOU 

and the shower washes clean, the grime of yester 
days start hard, and to get the first step is to open 
the I’s 
and see the world around 
maybe press a button for the sound 
and beans you press the coffee ground 
alive abound! 

surround the morning with information 
the truest sense ofthe escalation 
not to ignore what the box does say 
yet see the life that surrounds your day 
I owe it to I self 
and the  wake 
is for all of us to I........ 

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I wake 
watch the sun touch the lake 
rake in the rays, 
a mysterious maze 

the paper. 

welcome energizer 
welcome rejection 
welcome brilliance 
welcome bunny 

the terms in which the 
studious soaks 
knowledge spills 

and welcome it in 
the seeming way 
sustain the grin 

and take heed to what 
tickles the toes 

Rows and rows of people 
journey forth in this endeavor 
knowing that welcoming 

is forever. 

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Headphones Jones 

Headphones Jones, stepped to the street 
meeting cement and taking the day 
his body begins, moving to greet 
hands and fingers, making the way 
grooving his life, upon two feet 
slipping on, through the fray 

and he welcomes in the rose 
taking moments and realization of his internal eternal, 
heating his blood to the measure of depth 
sinning only to those who judge the man, 

proclaiming who they are not, 
hot inside, the man shows what he gots 
relinquishing the negative thought 

the hands go in and out 
sliding sure and showing clout 
forcing the mind to think new ways 
in order to order nothing 
as the more you push the spectrum sides 
the more balance is achieving 

I working for all 
I working for one 
the works we choose can make us one 
where doing both, makes I selfesque 
and the self glides up... 

however, the more incomplacent we become 
can be a precursor of whats to come 
and the scales teener-totter a sinful lust of ish 
where the esque is not seen 
and the self doesn’t mean, but slides down 

Do I want to be selfesque? 
and when will I care how to spell? 
Is this life a Quest or a test? 
only me can send I to ish hell... 

as I once forgot that God was living 
and now I know then She didn’t exist 

But now She does, and its keen to say 
as She wasn’t there past, She’s here today... 

In I. 

And as Headphones Jones glides on two feet 
they show the love inside 
he sings electric, come over to greet 
as the phones aren’t a place to hide 

where the balance lets you know 
just where I should go 
as She will do all the rest 
its very hard to believe in God, 
when life seems a test, not a Quest... 

In I. 

the con is in the conquest 
and glistened swallows of whats to follow 
dreaming don’t know, of the sun-filled plateau 
as the sleep takes over, as the soul does rover 
and mourning can bring the beauty of rising force... 

In I.

waking I turn, off the bed 
to push my self up and up 
taking I sit up, to move ahead 
then grabbing an orange cup and cup 

stretch pull, energy full... 

In I. 

and after the water, I kiss and hold 
to show her sure that she is gold... 

walk to go leave my home 
I put on, my headphones 
about to part, I begin to think 
the groove I start, moves I to the brink 
of the door... 

and take them off and go kiss her some more 
cause we deserve it 

and then back I wake my day 
and slip unto unconscious fray 
knowing just what I have to do 
its as much for me as it is for you 

and as we work together 
for the life of whole 
love can only take a toll... 
if we let it 

so you do your thing 
and I’ll do mine 
and I’ll meet you back here at six, k? 
as we’ll be evening out our lives... 

and the music fills me up 
of Her I’ll drink another cup 

I move to groove, and dance the rose 
and love the life, I surely chose 
and when I walk, I move my bones 
as to why they call me, Headphones Jones

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short bio

copyright 2000 by Yosh

Yosh is 26, and was born right outside of Washington D.C.. After Growing up in Tucson, AZ, he now resides in Chicago. Yosh had been writing poetry and stories now for two years, after slaving over screenplays for three years. He has published 9 poems from his collection, "Confessions of an 80's Mediachild", in various print and e-magazines. He recently finished his first novel, "Quincy Quest"
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