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The Dancer

"Dancer me!"  She shouts
and we are all forced to watch.
Her two left feet flip flopping
before carelessly tripping her up.

Most people say she's mentally
challenged, a select cruel few
call her retarded, their voices venomous,
though unmistakably ignorant.

Her name is Becca.  She was born
58 days premature to a woman whose
own life was in such a state of disrepair
we can hardly point fingers, place blame.

I am one of her caretakers and so
there are days when it's all I can do
to stay level headed, to remain patient.

Today we are especially tired, us caretakers.
Just having returned from taking our charges,
these adult-sized children, to see the Nutcracker.

Becca has landed, backside to the floor.
She sits mildly shaken, unsure whether
or not to cry.

I bring my palms together, clapping,
as do the others, as we all give her
a standing ovation, until she smiles,
hideously happy now, I shout,
"Dancer you Becca!  Dancer you!"

short autobio

I am a poet and essayist currently residing in Mesa, Arizona with my husband and two children.  When not writing I work for the Phoenix division of a national brokerage.  My favorite pastimes include:  reading, roller blading and discovering new poets via the internet.  I find a never ending supply of talent "out there" and so, a never ending supply of inspiration.  Some favorites are:  Scott Holstad, Charles Bukowski, Wendy Carlisle, John Woods, James Whitcomb Riley.  Though some of what I believe are my best works have come when I just let go, speak the truth, regardless of the outcome. 

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