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 Blake's ghost 
"fresh garbage
fresh garbage
the world's a can for your fresh garbage
see the things you didn't quite consume"
- Spirit

Apples & Oranges 


Ken Peters takes us
Between the Waters

Storms come from
Robert Jackson

Greetings to Rochelle Mass,
from Israel who gifts us with a quartet of poems

Ken Peters spins... 
Dubious Apogee 
Charlotte Mair gifts us with Dawn
David Jackson laments the loss of a colleague with:
Ode to Engineers
With "the light of  fungus"
Mirel Brisca offers:
Denial Of My Death


Collaboration of Vera and David Jackson 
The dreams are sweet yet,Too deep for waking: dawn liesTurtled in the mist..
-  David Mitchell
Dandelion de la Rue poems her personal loss at the recent death of Kenny Swank, a drummer for John Lee Hooker in the '70's

Here's one so hot you might want to hold it
with tongs "Steam-Driven Jaw"

Anna Wolfe shares her remberance,
of Miriam, with a poem

Two tributes to Miriam Patchen: 
Zoe Climenhaga
 Joel Climenhaga