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Poetry Offerings From Ken Peters | Poem

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Ken Peter's logo NEW POEMS: Peace Comes Dropping Slow Used Camel Lot   /   Spring Wind Lost In America   /   inevitable chastity belt this pilgrim's regress   /   Ocean Calls Me Back get down   /   a day in Florida  /  she brought raku fired words ~~~ Poetry Archive Paintings by Ken Peters ~~~ poems chosen for poem of the day It Could Happen  /  Dear William / Built On Sand  Sifting the Ashes / Song For A Lonely Lady A Novel Place  / The Leather Man Rice In the Desert  / Summer Song  / New Math Brief Respite Slide Into the Sea You Blood Read Moon Solipsism/ The Steel Trap / The Purpose of Color Co-Anchors / Changing Way / On The Wheel Refusal to Mourn the Deaths at Texas A&M / Untitled INEQUITY A FORM OF VIOLENCE Gertude Will Not Go Quietly Into That Good Night ~~~ editorials By Dave Austin (Digital Imagery). Prose and Poetry by Ken Peters Moongate