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Poetry offerings from Moongate
Volume V, Issue #8, April 28, 1999

when confusion no longer is terror
and the apocalypse may come
but not today
when I can drop all  illusions/conclusions
then middle of the night
is warm and welcoming
the star strewn streets
and yesterday's chore
is done or better yet
become tomorrow's invitation
I'll sleep  a small and sound sleep
not eyeless in Gaza
but guileless in Eden

- Ken Peters
we invent the future
we need to try to remember
we don't know the names anymore
where we have been
hints and intimations all around
that we hurry past
something half remembered
half buried

- Ken Peters

i will be a cloud seduced by wind
mysterious - dark - non - threatening
in the evening’s dimming light
where no human perfection says, not good enough
shapeshifting in the dance of forever
between two worlds there is the drum beat and the harp
the deepest sorrow and the greatest joy
a billion stars, linked in solid black
each with hope to hold when night is longest
love, once birthed might ever be denied,
but never destroyed

if only for a moment it was peace
to be the cloud, to be the tree
or anything outside of self

returning it is a keyboard and computer
a tv noisy in another room
some work that feels unfinished -- must be...
we are all still here
in dark and dire and dim and where is hope?
thus we are it, please pass the peas
fresh snow peas are wonderful
all in a row in a pod comfy and smiling
ok, ready?

lets go for a ride...

- Musica Del Verano

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