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ARCHMOON - January thru April 1999


 Volume IV, Issue #13, January 1999          Volume V, Issue #1, January 1999

 1,2,3 and Counting - Anona & Anon               Ode - Buena Vista Social Club - Anona
 Ode to the Music Masters - Summer Music     Autism As An Aesthetic - Robert Erman
 Spare Change   - Ken Peters                              Too Much to Bear - R. K. Singh
                                                                             New Your to Florida - Ken Peters
 Volume V, Issue #2, Feburary 1999                  Light - I. K. Sharma
                                                                            Notes From Death Row - Lancelot  Armstrong                                                          BVSC Ode No.2 - Anon
 Renewal of Wonder - Ken Peters
 Song Bird - David Jackson                              Volume V, Issue #3, March 1999
 A Tiny Bit of Grass - David Jackson
 The Crossing - Pamela Patrick                         Something Broken - Summer Music
 Dreams of Old China - Uncle River                  Smoke and Ashes - Ken Peters
 Ode to the Immensity - T. H. Keyes                  The Crows - David Jackson
 Visiting Songbirds:                                            Song for the Barrier Island - Ken Peters
        Ho Chi Minh     Miriam Sagan                Mill Town/Monday Morning - Ken Peters
        Janet I. Buck      Ho Chi Minh                 Where Have You Been - David Jackson

 Volume V, Issue #4 Spring 1999                   Volume V, Issue #5 April 1999

 The Old Nail Seller - Daisy Sidewinder          Agua Pura-A Dream Vision - P. Malecot 
 Passenger Creek - David Jackson                   On the Rocks - Rene Daumal
 In These Cluttered Times - David Jackson     What One Extra Hour... - Sam Hill
 Cowboys & Ecologists - Summer Music                            Visting Songbirds"
 Spring Equinox - Ken Peters                                        Smithy                Sandy

 Volume V, Issue #6, April 9, 1999              Volume V, Issue #7, April 15, 1999

 All is Perfect - Summer Music                           Ve Vork 'Til Ve Drop - David Jackson
 Kiln - Ken Peters                                                 I Saw It On The News - Smithy
 The Warmth of Things - Robert Erman            Millennial Behavior - Summer Music
 Yellowgreen - Summer Music                            The REfugee River... - Roy Fairfield

Volume V, Issue #8, April 28, 1999

Untitled - Ken Peters            Any April Evening - Summer music
Untitled Too - Ken Peters            Visiting Songbird - A. Armstrong

Volume V, Issue#8, July 29 1999

Cycle - Ken Peters  Only Love is Immortal - Summer Music  Oh, Hello - David Jackson