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Biography of Michael W. Eliseuson, Poet | Poem

Michael W. Eliseuson 

Michael has worked as an archaeologist and naturalist, and has taught Ancient Roman and Medieval History at various colleges and universities; he has also been a Visiting Lecturer in Environmental Studies while earning his M.A. degree in Experimental and innovative Education.

In 1980 he assisted with the founding of the Abraham Lincoln Institute of Springfield, Illinois, providing special programs for
gifted and talented students.

He has edited several magazines and produced and hosted various literary programs over the NPR Affiliate (KAXE) in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

In 1985 he presented his poetics at Oxford University, England.

He is a recipient of various writing and environmental service awards, including the prestigious Wes Frances Award in cooperation with the U. of Missouri School of Journalism and the NRPA in Washington, D.C.


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