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Poetry offerings from Michael W. Eliseuson | Poem





Re Inspired


Collection from "Motherbird Poetry Anthology #1",  published 1993:

A Lamp in the Whale

A Small Bird's Nest

Above Your Mansion There Is A Moon

Abyss Of The Moon

Crown of Love

Etude for Peace

Far Wanderer, The

High Way, The

In My Crowned Solitude

In the Birth of Rain

In The Sancturial Mazes of Love

Light On the Moon

Love Unspoken, The

Poems Chant Slowly in Repeating Silence

Poet's Hell

Rapture of Eagles

Reprieve For A Soul

Ripples Made of Grains

Shaman's Drumsong



First published by Singing Wings

3:00 O'Clock Friends

Among the Buffins

Artwork of Old Masters, The

Between the Burning

Death of We, The

Delivering Winds, The

Fundament Princeps Poetica #4

In Our Now Unlasting Legacies

In the Commons of Our Love

In This Mess Together

Inside and the Outside, The

Insomnia Poetica

Mad Clocks of Time, The



Sonnet For Joy

Untitled, Yes

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